What's Inside your membership

Training to become an awesome game designer/developer

Start your training with us learning powerful fundamentals of game design perfect for all skill levels. After learning the basics, you will quickly learn how to build advanced video games using the powerful Unity3D game engine. In-depth and easy to follow training videos let you learn at your own pace making the entire learning process with us fun and simple. In addition to learning how to code amazing video games, our students are also taught how to be great artists who have advanced knowledge of 3D animation and modeling, 2D design, and digital painting. So if you are ready to become a highly skilled game designer who is both a master of code and design, then jump right in and start making for first game in just a few hours.


Highlights of the Membership:

  • 1 year membership to the entire course library (5 courses worth $599)
  • Support from instructors and professionals with over 15 years of game industry experience
  • BONUS: Access to thousands of dollars in royalty free game art and textures
  • Unlimited access to over 100 hours of easy to follow step by step video training
  • Learn how to make advanced 2D and 3D games that you can publish anywhere
  • Master computer modeling and animation techniques
  • Learn to be both a coder and a digital artist


About the instructors

Each one of the many dedicated instructors working here at the School of Game Design is also currently working in the game industry. That’s how you know the training you receive with us is current and relevant to modern day game design techniques. Our instructors have a minimum of 15 years of game design experience and we have taught at major game design studios like Ubisoft,  Activision, and EA. We are experts at game design and are passionate about teaching the latest tools and techniques in a way that is fun and simple to understand.

Courses Included:

2D Game Design (GameSalad software not included)

This section is made up of short lessons in visual scripting utilizing Gamesalad, a wonderful program for beginners. We have had students as young as 7 and as old at 70 building great games with this program!
• mastering the fundamentals
• working with physics
• creating a 2D platformer
• creating flappy bird
• creating an indie platformer

3D Game Design (Unity3D Personal addition FREE)
• getting started with Unity3D
• introduction to coding with C#
• mastering the fundamentals
• building your first level
• creating a boss battle
• working with particles
• creating crossy road

Computer Animation & Modeling
• Intro to Maya
• Maya polygon modeling
• Maya to Unity3D workflow
• Intro to 3DS Max
• 3DS Max polygon modeling
• 3DS Max to Unity3D workflow
• Digital sculpting with Mudbox

Graphic Design
• introduction to Photoshop
• Photoshop pro tips and tricks
• creating a safari icon
• working with the warp tool
• Photoshop pop out effect
• Animation with Photoshop
• Intro to Illustrator

Digital Painting
• intro to digital painting
• intermediate digital painting
• intermediate creature design
• advanced creature design
• character design
• environment design
• advanced character illustration