The programs we teach

Game Design Software

Unity3D (FREE)

GameSalad is a great way to start learning game development. GameSalad is used by game hobbyists, and smaller studios to make great 2D games. GameSalad PRO is free for 5 days $30p/month no contract or $25 p/month with an annual contract. You can also see if you qualify for a 50% student discount. (Student discount only applies to the PRO version. GameSalad Basic is only $19 a month with no contract or $17 a month with an annual contract. This means if you only want to try it out for a month you would not be locked into a contract for either option.

GameSalad PRO – FREE 5 day trial ($30 p/month no contract) or ($25 p/month with annual contract) See if you qualify for a 50% student discount!

GameSalad Basic – ($19 p/month) or ($17 p/month with annual contract)

Basic vs Pro plans:
BASIC users can use all the behaviors and functions of GameSalad Creator, but can only publish to the GameSalad Arcade and utilize the GameSalad Viewer for native device testing.

PRO users have full, unrestricted access to all publishing platforms and receive priority technical support.

Here are links to the discounts and options available. Must be logged into your GameSalad user account in order to view these pages – no payment necessary to set up an account:

Autodesk Maya (FREE for registered students via the Autodesk website)

Autodesk 3D Studio Max (FREE for registered students via the Autodesk website)

Autodesk Mudbox (FREE for registered students via the Autodesk website)


They have updated their site and registration process recently and our course pages do not yet reflect that.

When you come to the final portion of the registration process follow these steps:
1. Start typing in “I do not know… “ a drop down will come up with an option to add your school.
2. We are a “secondary” school and our registered name is School of Interactive Design LLC, registered in Miami, Fl.
3. For enrollment time we recommend setting it for 3 years even if you will not be with us that long. Their student downloads are only for three years.

Graphic Design Software

Adobe Cloud

Adobe Photoshop ($9 a month from Adobe) Adobe Illustrator ($9 a month from Adobe) Pixlr (FREE) Students DO NOT need to have Photoshop or Illustrator to take full advantage of our game design training as we provide all the art work needed to follow along with our game design training. However we have tons of amazing Photoshop tutorials for students who want to learn how to create their own game art. And if you don’t have Adobe Photoshop already and don’t want to pay $9 a month to rent Photoshop, you can always use Pixlr which is completely free and very similar to Photoshop.

Awesome people in the 3D and VR world!


Sketchfab is the leading platform to publish and find 3D and VR content online. They are building for 3D content what YouTube did for video. They provide the best 3D player and are the fastest growing 3D and VR repository. Sketchfab integrates with all major 3D creation tools and publishing platforms, and is the 3D publishing partner of Adobe Photoshop, Facebook, Microsoft HoloLens and Intel RealSense.

You can upload files in almost any 3D format, directly on or using one of our exporters, in order to upload from your favorite 3D creation tool. Once your models are on Sketchfab, you can embed them on any web page, and share them on many other platforms.

What type of computer do I need?

Any Windows or MAC desktop / laptop with at least 4GB of RAM should work just fine with the software we teach. Tablets or Netbooks that are not running Windows or MAC OS can be used to view all of the training we provide but will not be able to install the software we teach.

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