What Video Game Questions Stumped Jeopardy Contestants


Alex: One category still in play. Evelyn.
Evelyn: Video games, $200.
Alex: This company’s “Infinity” allowed you play characters from “The Incredibles” & “Cars” to
name a few.
Alex: Evelyn.
Evelyn: What is Pixar?
Alex: No. Jordan.
Jordan: What is Disney?
Alex: Disney is right, yes, less than a minute.
Jordan: Video $400.
Alex: Morrowind & Skyrim are iterations of the “Venerable” set of games.
Jordan: What is Dragon Age.
Alex: No. What is the Elder Scrolls. Jordan back to you.
Jordan: $1000.
Alex: Make your future fighting Gall, leader of the Red Legion in the second iteration of this
bungee game.
Alex: Jordan.
Jordan: What is Halo.
Alex: No. Evelyn or Nancy? What is Destiny.
Jordan: $800.
Alex: In the classic video game “Joust” contestants were places upon these birds?
Alex: They were put on ostriches. Now the $600 clue. We’re doing well with video games
aren’t we?
Alex: A big gaming story of 2018 is “Fortnite” this genre of game where the winner is last
shooter or last team standing?
Alex: And that is Battle Royal. We’re going to take our second break. Come back to start
Double Jeopardy right after this..

“…Because this just had to be shared.”